Small, portable hand winches can be conveniently positioned to help you move or lift heavy objects. Hand winches are operated by a ratcheting crank or ratcheting lever that winds the cable onto the cable spool as the winch pulls a load. The ratchet prevents kickbacks when the winch is under load. Used correctly, hand winches provide a mechanical advantage, enabling you to move loads ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several tons.



  • Detachable Handles

  • Black Powder – Coated finish

  • Hand – Brake  fitted to model 1136

  • Disc brake system fitted to models 545B, 727B, 909B and 1136B

  • Designed for dead load pulls – maximum gradient 1 in 5

  • Models 545B, 727B, 909B and 1136B are suitable for lifting    

Lifttech Maxiwinch Steel Wire Rope
Single Speed Hand Winch

*  5mm 6x19 FC

** 6mm 6x36 IWRC

***8mm 6x36 IWRC


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