Renoko supplies a wide range of accessories for your Steel Wire Rope to make your project easier


Sockets are for uses with our Wire Rope Assemblies, offered in both Open Spelter Sockets &Closed Spelter Sockets.

Renoko also offers the Wedge socket. Individually magnetic particle inspected the pin diameter and jaw opening which allows wedge and socket to be used in conjunction with open swage and spelter sockets. It secures the tail or “dead end” of the wire rope to the wedge, eliminating loss or “Punch out” of the wedge.

Closed Spelter Socket
Open Spelter Socket
Wedge Socket


Wire Rope Thimbles are used in Wire Rope Assemblies to keep an eye from being crushed.

When a wire rope assembly is terminated with an eye or loop at the end, a cable thimble is inserted to form the eye of the loop before the rope is secured.

Renoko supplypes the following thimbles:

  • Self-Colour Solid Thimbles to BSS 464

  • Galvanised and Stainless Steel Thimbles to BSS 464

  • Galvanised Reeving Thimbles to BSS 464

  • Galvanised and Stainless Steel Thimbles to G-411

Self Colour Solid Thimble


Ferrules are used to join to parts of steel wire rope together, to create a loop at the end of a steel wire rope sling.

Renoko Supplies the following ferrules:

  • Aluminium Ferrules to DIN 3093

  • Steel Ferrules

  • Copper Ferrules


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